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Fulfill your dreams with the American Trike Conversion Kit.
With over 10 years experience and the most innovative trike conversion on the market, our system is designed to fit any motorcycle from extreme custom to any production model, thanks to NASCAR software, laser cutting, and high-end CNC machining for the perfect fit.

Design and Parts

Centering is the key to a smooth ride, after retrofitting or custom making a swing arm we then build a billet center section with gearing that far exceeds the need to power any bike keeping it centered to the swing arm with no pull left or right, no spacers, no shim, no problems.

ShadowThe upper and lower arms are airplane grade aluminum alloy. The bearing holders are billet. The side plates are 3/8 thick steel laser cut with the shock towers for accuracy with racing holes and a rear brake pocket that keeps the Wilwood brake vertical for easy bleeding along with a wavy rotor adds to the look.

The axles are custom made car grade. We offer any bolt pattern from the widest car tire to the biggest motorcycle tire. Progressive adjustable coil/over or air shocks make for a smooth ride. The unit is topped off with an anti-sway bar and stainless steel bolts through out. Own the dream this unit is simply the best independent suspension system offered for the money.

Conversion KitsConversion Unit

American Trike has the kit to turn your bike into a trike regardless of make, model or year.

The $6500.00 starting price is simply the best value on the market for the money. We deliver in short time not weeks or months. We offer powder coating and chrome finishing.

Fender Kits

We offer several different types of fenders from car to motorcycle. Each set has its own custom look. The fender kit includes one set of fenders, one set of laser cut fender brackets.

Body Kits

We offer several different body styles each has a spacious trunk, all come gel coated and include lights, hinges and mounting brackets.


Easy Installation

We offer step by step pictured instructions on this website. We also have dealers all over the country so if you would like to have your bike professionally triked just call us for the dealer nearest you.

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